Production Process


Everything starts with a dream. The model house is the place on paper of the first shaping in the hands of the artist, where this dream comes out of the mind and turns into a pen.


It is the stage where a dream with elegance begins to take shape on leather in skillful hands and top quality leather is cut for shoes.


It is the place where leather pieces cut by master hands are combined by sewing with another master’s hands and a new stage of the journey to the dream is completed.


This stage, which is one of the top signatures of the summit of mastery, in which cuts and stitches based on specially designed patterns are shaped, is actually the stage where the picture of a dream becomes reality.


It is the clearest version of the picture in which the base suitable for all these masteries is mounted with a tasteful selection. With this stage, the dream is one step closer to reaching the elegant women who are waiting for it.


It is the last part of the point where this journey to elegance meets the final touches and the picture worthy of magazine covers is revealed and will meet with its real owners.

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